Reliable customer service that is knowledgeable and experienced 
Consistent quality throughout the year, with the availability to supply any size farm. 
Authorized merchant for preferred John Deere Financial Multi-Use accounts
Nutrient analysis on our forage products 
A full line of Tribute Equine Nutrition Products  
The availability to combine a delivery comprised of all of our products

Our qualified staff comprised of generations of farmers, financial professionals, nutritionists, and our equine specialist allow our team to work closely with farmers in the northeast to evaluate and develop long term strategies that will lead to success. Our deep-rooted family values are the origin of our long-term customer relationships. Not only are we passionate about agriculture, but we have satisfaction in helping other farmers succeed and grow with us.
We have the ability to fulfill the various needs of farms of all sizes. We have the availability of delivering throughout the northeast and beyond. We try our best to offer the highest quality products at the fairest price. Depending on every individual customer pricing will be determined by the annual volume usage as well as location.
We take pride in offering prompt delivery when orders are placed. Once we establish the needs of our customers we can assist in forecasting their volume needs and schedule regularly deliveries. We do offer drop trailer service for those customers who require a large amount of hay, feed, or grain delivered monthly. We also offer a full-service delivery and stacking crew for those customers who prefer to fill their hay loft and are short on help.
Feed Consultants:
Our network of qualified livestock professionals and our equine specialist from Tribute Equine Nutrition ensure that each animal receives the proper nutrition. We offer a complimentary horse analysis on our behalf of Tribute Equine Nutrition products and our internal staff. In addition we offer as a reference source for a variety of other equine and livestock needs.

We offer a variety of hay, grain and bedding products that can be picked up from our feed store in Somers, CT or delivered year-round throughout the northeast.
Products are available for pick-up at our farm or you can contact us to find our products in a local feed store near you. Delivery is available upon request. Based on quantity and distance, we try our best to provide fast, efficient and safe delivery to our customers year round.

Contact us for further information in regards to scheduling a delivery.