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Premium Quality Hay

 Our hay is available in various hay types and bale sizes. We take pride in producing the most nutrient rich hay possible. Forage analysis is completed for each type of hay after harvest. While many of our competitors are simply brokers, we produce our hay. Our generations of experience aid us in providing the quality that is necessary for equine and livestock to perform at there upmost ability.  
Timothy hay is one of the most digestible grass hays and is one of the most popular hay feeds for horses. The hay is a late-maturing high fiber grass with a moderate protein content. Horse owners have found that Timothy hay promotes a shiny coat, good digestion, bowel regularity, and a healthy weight. It is also excellent for colic prone, protein-sensitive, and overweight horses.
Timothy/Orchard Grass hay is one of our most common mixtures that our clients prefer. It is a soft green hay with excellent palatability and higher protein. It is most commonly used for feeding older horses, fussy eaters, foals or sheep and goats. An excellent choice wherever a softer high protein hay is needed. 
Orchard Grass/Alfalfa is another popular mix amongst our grass mixtures. It creates a soft green high energy feed for growing livestock, working horses, brood mares, and dairy cattle. This mixture is very sweet smelling and excellent in palatability. Our mixture is usually 35% alfalfa 65% orchardgrass.
Alfalfa hay is an excellent source of good quality protein and fiber. Alfalfa is high in energy and is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. When properly cured, alfalfa is the best of the legume hays from a nutrient standpoint. It is most beneficial for horses or cattle with high energy needs due to their moderate to high level of exertion. Alfalfa may provide too much energy, protein and nutrients for horses that are only occasionally exercised. 
Golden Weed Free Straw 
We produce various small grain straw, such as rye, wheat, triticale, and oat. Our straw is available in small and large square bales. Our product fulfills dairy, equine, construction and landscaping markets!
Small Square Bales (40-50LBS)
Our most common form of hay is in 2 string square bales that weigh between 40-50lbs.

These bales are usually in bundles of 21 that can easily be loaded into your truck or trailer with minimal time and labor. We are equipped to load van and flatbed trailers with ease.

The 21-bale bundle is a great mechanism that reduces labor for farms and feed stores equipped with forklift and front end loaders. We can deliver any amount your feed needs require! 

Depending on quantity this hay is either sold by the ton or bale.
Wrapped Round Bales  
Exceptional quality high moisture forage bales available in alfalfa, oatlage, Sudan grass, timothy orchard and more!

These bales are an excellent choice for dairy and beef operations that are looking for a good feed source that can be fed throughout the winter.

These bales are usually 60% dry matter and weigh 1200lbs.
Large Round Bales  
Our round bales are offered in the same grass mixtures that we have in our small and large square bales. These bales are 4’x5’ in size and usually weigh 600-700 lbs.

These bales can usually be maneuvered easier than the large square bales for customers that are not equipped with proper equipment to handle them. 

Generally, these bales are sold by the bale, but can also be sold by the ton. For customers looking for the most cost effective hay, our large square bales tend to be cheaper per ton delivered.
Large Square Bales (750-1000LBS) 
We offer our large square bales in two sizes 3’x3’x8’ and 3’x4’x8’. These bales generally weigh between 750-1200lbs.

These bales are generally the cheapest per lb. method of feeding hay to equine and livestock for those operations who are equipped to handle these large bales.

These bales are sold by the ton and can be delivered with our bale handling attachments to use on your front-end loader or skid steer.
CT Grown Non-GMO Grain 
Pleasant View Farms has put great effort into producing our own locally grown Non-GMO grains. We have a full line of CT Grown Livestock grain available bagged and bulk! 
We currently produce
Cracked Corn 
Whole Corn 
Layer Pellets 
Poultry Starter/Grower 
Hog Grower 
16% All-Stock 
Whole Oats
Bagged Wood Shavings & Bedding Pellets 
We carry premium kiln dried bagged shavings available in various flake sizes and bedding pellets to fulfill your livestock bedding needs.
Tribute Equine Nutrition & Kalmbach Feeds   
We carry a full line of Tribute equine nutrition grain products and we have a full time equine specialist and nutritionist that can help assess your individual horse needs and make recommendations on which feeds will be most beneficial to your animals! 

To learn more contact us or visit  http://www.tributehorsefeeds.com to view our full line of equine grain.
Kalmbach Feeds 
We carry a full line of bagged and bulk Kalmbach grain for all classes of livestock! To learn more contact us or visit  http://www.kalmbachfeeds.com to view our full line of livestock grain.
Seed Sales  
We offer a full line of forage, pasture, and cover crop solutions Contact us to learn more!
We offer a variety of hay, grain and bedding products that can be picked up from our feed store in Somers, CT or delivered year round throughout the northeast.

Our qualified staff comprised of generations of farmers, financial professionals, nuitrionists, and our equine specialist allow our team to work closely with farmers in the northeast to evaluate and develop long term strategies that will lead to success. Our deep rooted family values are the origin of our long term customer relationships. Not only are we passionate about agriculture, but we have satisfaction in helping other farmers any way we can.

We have the availability of delivering throughout the northeast and beyond. We try our best to offer the highest quality products at the fairest price. Depending on every individual customer pricing will be determined by the annual volume usage as well as location.

We do offer drop trailer service for those customers who require a large amount of hay, feed, or grain delivered on a monthly basis. We also offer a full service delivery and stacking crew for those customers who prefer to fill there hay loft and are short on help.
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"We take pride in producing a premium hay that not only looks great, but also has the highest possible nutrient value. We take pride in being stewards of the land, and in doing so we do annual maintenance on our fields to ensure that they are producing a clean, nutrient rich forage.
If you have any questions regarding our different types of hay available or would like more information, please feel free to contact.