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Equine Hay Feeders

HaySaver Horse Feeder

The Diller Hay Saving Large Bale Horse Feeder was designed with feedback from experts in the equine industry. The principal focus in the development of this horse feeder is a rack which restricts hay consumption and ground waste common to round bale hay feeders used for horses.

Tombstone Horse Feeders

The Diller “Tombstone” Style Large Bale Horse Feeder (HFS-8808H) has been a top seller in the Equine Market for 7 years. Our Standard line of Horse Hay Feeders are 88″ wide and 96″ long and are designed to feed either round hay bales or large squares.

Small Square Bale Hay Feeders

In 2013 Diller Equine introduced a line of horse hay feeders designed to feed small square bales. Diller’s large hay bale horse feeders have been popular for years, but many owners with a smaller number of horses still prefer to feed with small square bales.

Cattle Feeders

Cattle Hay Feeders

The Diller large hay bale cattle feeder has evolved over the years to the heavy duty more purpose built design it is today. These feeders have a hay basket which holds the bale up off of the pan, allowing your cattle to have a second chance at any hay which is dropped. This feature greatly minimizes hay waste so much that some of our customers say their hay waste is zero. 

Cattle Hay Feeder Wagons

The Diller feeder wagon for large hay bales has evolved over the years to the heavy duty more purpose built design it is today. Our 8800 series hay feeder wagons are designed for quick transport and easy maneuverability. Lengths available on the Diller 8800 series wagon feeders are: 16′, 20′ 24′ and 28′.

Cattle Silage Feeder Wagons

The 7200 series cattle feeders are designed primarily for feeding grain, silage or haylage. The 7200 series feeders are 72″ wide with a 12″ deep pan that can hold a lot of feed. Our 7200 series wagon feeders are available in 12′, 16′, 20′ 24′ and 28′ lengths. They have an “Easy Hitch” pull out tongue on the dual wheeled front dolly and a rear axle.

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