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All Natural 16% Sow & Pig Grower

An all-natural, antibiotic-free complete feed formulated for gestating or lactating sows and growing swine.

Pig Grower (Medicated)

A  complete pelleted growing pig feed formulated for increased rate of weight gain and improved feed efficiency.

Kalmbach All-Natural Swine Premix

For the further manufacture of swine grower and finisher feeds.

Prolific Sow Booster Pac

Formulated for the further manufacture of sow lactation and gestation feed

Pig Nursery

A complete nursery pig feed that can be fed as the sole ration 10-14 days post-weaning.

15 + Pig Base

A premix for the further manufacture of swine starter feeds. Designed for pigs weighing 15-40 lbs.; to be started at least one week following weaning.

Kalmbach Hi-Health Muscle Max Premix

Formulated for the manufacture of starter/grower pig feeds.

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