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3 String Western Alfalfa

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PVF Red Angus Beef


Welcome to Pleasant View Farms, a fourth-generation family owned and operated business with over 100 years in producing, providing, and brokering premium quality hay, feed and grain, and bedding products. Our focus is primarily on supplying equine and all other classes of livestock with quality feed and nutrition. We also utilize our expertise in animal husbandry to raise a herd of high quality registered red angus cattle. Our generations of experience and knowledge aid us in keeping our business viable.
In maintaining the integrity of our family business; we emphasize the strength of our customer relationships as the most important element in sustaining our business. Our unmatched effort in producing consistent quality year after year is by far the largest component in setting ourselves apart.
Contact us for more information about our services and pricing. We take pride in providing fast, efficient and safe delivery to our customers year-round throughout the northeast and beyond.

Delivery Services

Reliable customer service that is knowledgeable and experienced consistent quality throughout the year, with the availability to supply any size farm. 
Authorized merchant for preferred John Deere Financial Multi-Use accounts Nutrient analysis on our forage products a full line of Tribute Equine Nutrition Products. The availability to combine a delivery comprised of all of our products

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We are located in Connecticut and provide delivery services to Rhode Island, New Hampshire and parts of Massachusetts including Worcester, Manchester and Amherst

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